A Tale of Two "Messiahs"

Such a thing would never happen now in these "enlightened" times. But of course, this was a long time ago.  And people weren't as "tolerant" then as they are now.

He was born in the winter.  Well, at least his birthday is celebrated in the winter, though not necessarily on the actual anniversary of his birth.  But of course it's not the date that's important--it's the thought that counts.

At any rate, he was born in the winter, and he came to be his people's savior.  But he was killed--killed in the spring--when he was not yet fifty years old.

But even in death he saved masses of people.  Not only his own, but every race, kindred, tongue, and nation.  In fact, only one people in all the earth was left unredeemed--the accursed race that killed him.  The blood which he shed cursed them even as it blessed the rest of humanity.  And the rest of humanity, the great mass of the redeemed, despised and hated the one people who could not be redeemed because they had killed him.

So the rest of the world celebrated the life of their redeemer.  That the accursed people could not participate was not important.  Besides . . . it was their own fault.

And one day mankind established the great redeemer's official "birthday" (not necessarily his real one) on which to celebrate their redemption.  And since the claims made about the redeemer were objectively true, all mankind were compelled to celebrate.  Except for one people.

One people could not celebrate the redemption, for they were accursed by the same blood that redeemed the rest of mankind.  But Truth is Truth, and they too were part of the drama.  And so while they could not celebrate with the rest of their "brethren" of "the human family," they were nevertheless compelled to participate.  While others celebrated their freedom, the accursed people could only grovel in their wretchedness.  While the rest of mankind asserted themselves, they could only acknowledge their undenialble guilt, and the equally undeniable fact that the "universal" savior (who apparently was not quite so universal after all) had conquered them in death.  They looked about at all the redeemer's children and knew they could not participate in the joy.  They yearned instead to merely let the day pass by quietly.  Let the redeemed ones celebrate.  Let us, who were not redeemed by him, simply not participate.

Oh, but you must participate, the redeemed told them.  After all, you brought it on yourselves.  Can you deny your perfidiousness?  Your constant and continual opposition to all his works of righteousness?  You cannot.  Therefore you may have no peace.  No, you cannot celebrate, but you will be compelled to ritually participate, to acknowledge your eternal guilt, to publicly bear your shame before redeemed humanity, to have your tush ritually kicked, so to speak.  For you are the accursed people.  This is an undeniable, objective fact which you must admit despite its unpleasantness.  And you brought it on yourselves.  So you deserve everything you get.  And we will never let you forget who you are and what you did.

But you see, that was way back then.  People aren't like that now . . . are they?

That was way back in 1968.  And in 1986.  My, how morally superior modern man is to his unenlightened ancestors!

Yes, dear reader, you know who the two "messiahs" are.  And what miserable failures both of them were.  The Man from Nazareth and the Man from Atlanta are birds of a feather, and so are their hypocritical followers.  As I stand unredeemed by either, I fail to see why I should celebrate either . . . or to resent one more than the other.

The chr*stians of the world see in their Nazarene a conservative icon, a civilizing, stabilizing force in Western Civilization.  They cannot bring themselves to see the heretic, the flouter of duly-constituted religious authority (constituted by G-d!), the denier of the Word of G-d (G-d may have said that non-kosher food defiles one, but that's just silly; reason teaches that only our actions can defile us!), the rationalist whose distaste of sin seems to have been disproportionately aimed at greed and bigotry but who was less than enthusiastic about sexual and ritual sins which depend on A-mighty G-d rather than human reason for defintion.  No, they don't see this.  It's in their "new testament," and they don't see it.  All they see is the icon--the familar stable, conservative, reverent icon with a halo over his head.

But let's give the Notzerim a bit of a break.  After almost two thousand years they've been forced to look in the mirror to see what they've been doing and saying.  They've finally had their ugly hypocrisy held before them to the point that they can't escape it.  Some of them are even beginning to feel ashamed.  As well they should.

But there's one more idol and one more bunch of blind, hypocritical idolators out there, and so far they've gotten away with it.  Well, now it's their turn.

As with the more ancient cult, there is a number of followers who have no clue about the iconoclasm of this icon of theirs.  These are of course the Black Fundamentalists.  While everyone else has been made to see the "implicit" teachings of this new "messiah" (liberalism, "gay rights," abortion, atheist Communist liberation movements and ideologies, etc.), the Fundamentalist Black Church--as opposed to the non-Fundamentalist Black Church--are forever stuck in 1955.  It's all about Montgomery.  That's all it's about.  Nothing else exists.  There have never been any Viet Cong, any radical leftist causes or associations, any "women's liberation," any homosexual or abortion rights.  It's all about us all being Adam's and Eve's children.  And they can't see that outside themselves, all their fellow devotees not only reject that we are Adam's and Eve's children but blame the very idea of Adam and Eve for the evils that the "messiah" fought against.  And no one seems to be in any hurry to disabuse them.

Apparently when the rest of us have been compelled by law to be atheist homosexuals who reproduce via cloning they will still be allowed retain the beliefs that "rednecks" are mercilessly condemned for holding.  Apparently no demands will ever be made of them.  Oh well.  It must be a sweet deal.  Wish I were in on it.

But outside the small community that sees this second "messiah" as merely a melanin-enriched Billy Sunday everyone sees the situation as it is.  This second "messiah" is held sacrosanct by people who are otherwise irreverent.  People whose entire lives are devoted to smashing idols, speaking blasphemies, profaning the sacred, suddenly fall on their knees in the extremest reverence.  They obviously see this man as one of their own, or even their leader.  Just as racism is the sin for people who don't believe in sin, so the second pseudo-messiah, the Man from Atlanta, is the Icon of Iconoclasm.  Except to Black Fundamentalists whose minds are forever flashing images of 1955 and nothing that came after.  And the iconoclasts don't seem to mind.

But you know what the supreme irony of this situation is?  It is that so many promoters of the cult of the second "messiah," the ones who demand most stridently that the Accursed Race That Killed The "Messiah" live in constant acknowledgement of its evil deed, claim they hold this position because their ancestors suffered the same thing under the cult of the first "messiah."  But they can't seem to see the obvious similarities in what they loathe and what they promote.

The human mind is a wondrous thing, isn't it?

But you know something . . . neither one is my messiah.  I see each for what he was.  And I see the ironies in how each is put to use.

We have "freedom of religion" in this country?  We have "separation of church and state?"  I don't have to bow down to the Man from Nazareth?

Very well.  Neither will I bow down to the Man from Atlanta.  Since each is incapable of redeeming all of humanity, since each requires an "accursed race" to kill the victim, since the promises of each are falsehoods and lies for said "accursed race," then neither is worthy of the worship he receives.  They want me to hate myself just because of an accident of birth?  Forget it!

What miserable failures they both were.  And what blind idiotic fools their respective worshippers, in their blindness, make themselves out to be by refusing to see the obvious.